IISAC’s Educational Tourism Programs in India

IISAC has developed various Educational tour programs that are designed to provide an unforgettable journey through India. The objective of these Education tourism Programs are to introduce its participants to learn about the history, culture, religions, traditional arts, philosophy, literature, biodiversity, economy and technology of India as well as its associated social issues. Through incorporated field study, travel, adventure and volunteer activities, participants will explore this incredibly vast country that is mystical to the western world. Whether you are a student, a professional, a retiree or a senior citizen, experience the adventures, challenges, cuisines, history, culture and mysticism through our travel programs. We have developed several packages from two weeks of travel to a year long action packed programs through the following educational tours.

Discover the soul of India Program

The Discover the Soul of India travel course will introduce the historic and modern India through a variety of academic perspectives: historical, cultural, anthropological, sociological, linguistic, political, religious, philosophical, geographical, architectural and technological. This can be teacher or faculty –led programs for the exploration of concepts, doctrines and practices of Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism and Buddhism and their influence on Indian belief systems. In addition to the cross – cultural nature of this course, special focus will be given to the role of India in the changing landscape of globalization, and its impact on India’s political and social status as well as India’s foreign policy and relationship with the US. This program is specially designed for high school, college students from any part of the world to visit India for a 3 weeks educational tour for credit transfer, teacher or faculty led programs or for project aboard India. The itinerary will be customized taking into consideration of the locations of the visits.

Thematic Education travel program

Theme based travel programs that provide an immersive or exploratory experience in areas of interest.

  • Doing Business with India: India is now playing an important role in Global Business and this program is specially designed for students specializing in International Business, Management & Finance to learn about Indian Business practices.
  • Society and culture: Travel around and live with different families across India researching and understanding about Indian society and culture
  • History: Learn about the Indian History from the renowned historians, researchers and University professors.
  • Religious Pluralism: Experience the Religious Pluralism by travelling the length and width of India and interacting with Buddhist Monks, Hindu Sadhus, Sikh gurus etc. Visit to temples churches, mosques, Buddhist monasteries, Gurudwaras, Jain temples for learning rituals and religious practices.
  • Art and Architecture of India: Explore the real colors of the Art and Architecture of India. Wander through the magnificent temples, forts, palaces and caves of India meeting the artistic hands behind these man made wonders.
  • Spirituality, Yoga & Meditation: India is a country which is world-renowned for being a spiritual one and also as the birthplace of yoga and meditation. Our itinerary is designed to make a traveler to experience these age old spiritual and cultural practices.
  • Biodiversity: India is a treasure chest of biodiversity which hosts a large variety of plants and has been identified as one of the eight important “Vavilorian” centers of origin and crop diversity. Indulge in this treasure through our Agriculture and Biodiversity Tour
  • Ayurveda: First-hand experience on the practice of Ayur veda -Alternative Medicines of India under the guidance of Ayurvedic doctors.

Gap year India Program

Taking a gap year in India will be one of the most memorable experiences of your life. We provide a variety of gap year India programs that help you strengthen your foreign language skills and provide a better understanding of other cultures. Our gap year India programs allow you to step outside your comfort zone and experience personal growth. Immerse yourself in an ancient country as you enjoy an insider’s prespective on the traditions, cuisine, architecture and cultural heritage of India

  • Discover the sights, sounds and flavors of India.
  • Experience the real India as you stay with your host families
  • Visit significant cultural and historical monuments
  • Learn to be a more responsible traveler than a Tourist
  • Experience thrilling challenges of a country renowned for its stunning landscapes, wildlife and adrenaline-fuelled sports

Volunteering and Service Learning

Be an agent of change and help improve a community in need. Also get the opportunity to explore ancient temples, palaces and much more.

  • Choose from variety of experiential learning opportunities.
  • Support the educational efforts in remote villages of rural India
  • Work to preserve the natural environment with service projects designed to help protect India’s unique biodiversity.
  • Lend a hand to grass root service initiatives in sanitation, agriculture and education.

Root Tourism Program

IISAC’s Root Tourism Program is a golden opportunity for the younger generation in US high schools to discover their origin and immerse in Kerala culture, develop leadership skills, visit historical landmarks, monuments, visit places of pristine charm, experience Art of living in India through cuisines, yoga, meditation, music, art and drama etc.

  • Seek and experience your roots
  • Discover yourself through the history and culture of your ancestral land
  • Develop a positive sense of being the children of the Indian Diaspora

Golden Tour Program

Gift your Parents or an elder relative an unforgettable Holiday! IISAC Gold Yatra organizes a variety of leisurely paced tours and enrichment activities for Sr. Citizens. Travel creatively through an array of domestic holiday packages designed exclusively for the experienced hand and mind.

Cost of the Program

As a veteran in the Study Abroad India Program, we understand your needs and priorities as students and independent world explorers so any of our programs can be customized as per your budget with out losing its soul.

Voyage to Bliss

Voyage to Bliss is an intense self-reflection fellowship. The program is intended to help busy professionals take a pause from their jobs. A public health study showed that 43% of working adults feel their roles are affecting stress levels. And according to Gallup, 66% of employees do not even feel engaged at work.

Voyage to Bliss wants to help infuse purpose into everything you do at work and in life. We send selected Voyagers on a journey of personal growth to a country they choose on a 30-day adventure. IISAC funds each Voyager US$1,800 to cover the cost of travel. Apply (https://www.voyagetobliss.me/apply/ )now for a paid month off with Voyage to Bliss.

Program Directors

Sanoop Luke:- Director Education Tourism of IISAC. He leads YouTube’s Family & Learning content in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia. He serves as a strategic adviser to leading producers, ranging from international TV broadcasters to independent studios to native YouTube creators. Prior to YouTube/Google, Sanoop was with Turner in Atlanta and Hong Kong, where he managed Content Strategy for its Kids & Entertainment channels in Asia-Pacific, including Cartoon Network. He started his career with GE in their Financial Management Program, where he served as an Analyst with NBCU Universal Television in New York and Los Angeles. Sanoop holds BA in Economics from Emory University.

left Celine Charath:- Associate Director, Education Tourism of IISAC. In this position she oversees education tourism activities for American Students throughout India and personally conducts excursions in Kerala and North India. American University students learn about the Indian society, culture and history through the tours she organizes. Her warmth, knowledge of the country, dealing with emergencies, leading discussions and debates about India are the reasons for the extra ordinary friendship with American university students. She is a Canadian citizen currently residing in Kottayam. In Canada she worked as a Soft Developer for a considerable number of years. Her hobbies include learning the mystic part of India through Yoga and Meditation, travel, photography, reading books and organizing community activates.

left Divya Eldhose: Program coordinator IISAC India, in developing and coordinating the North India Tour for our US Study Abroad students and Faculty-Led programs. Divya holds a post graduate degree in MBA (Tourism & Marketing), she has over 10years of experience in various sectors of the Tourism Industry. A Malayali by descent settled in Delhi, Diyva also has an added activity to her profile that is, conducting ‘Gap Year Programs’ for high school students from all over the world. This program caters for high school graduates and she has devised academic and extra –curricular activities, befitting this age group, during their stay in India. We believe that her vibrancy and experience are ideal for our Education Tourism.

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