IISAC’s Publications, Text Books And Journals

IISAC in its effort in forming a global village of intellectual brotherhood is involved in the publication of text books, journals, booklets and field guides to promote international education, research and experiential learning. Readers of all backgrounds will have the opportunity to learn more about the world through these publications. Even though, publications are not the primary objective, we are involved in a limited number of books, articles, field guides, orientation booklets that are essential to support IISAC’s ongoing educational and youth empowerment activities internationally.

Publication - 1

Introduction to Kerala studies

BOOK ON KERALA SHORT FILM BY JACKY: https://twitter.com/KeralaStudies

Publication - 2

Look Book


Publication – 3

Kerala University Program Guide


Publication – 4

KIIT University Program Guide


Publication – 5

Pondicherry University program guide

Publication – 6

Alpha Vision - An interdisciplinary higher education journal

Publication – 7

Semester in India

Publication – 8

ScienceAbroad India

Publication – 9

Tropical Biodiversity & Ecology in Kerala, India

Publication – 10