IISAC through a MoU is associating with a startup and innovation consultancy group called “Engen” with brand name called “innovation experience”. IISAC’s emphasis with this technology company is to participate, consult and implement joint technologies for the betterment of MAN and NATURE

About ENGEN dealers & Consultants pvt. Ltd.

Engen is known in the brand name Innovation Experience is based in Trivandrum, a member of TrEST Research Park, College of Engineering Trivandrum. They associate in R&D projects with various government organizations like KSCSTE, Kerala Agricultural University, KSEBL, KVASU, NABARD etc.

Innovation Experience is a social infrastructure company that brings together applied clean technology development with human - centered design and a core focus on achieving positive social impact. Their projects includes a diagnosis of the client’s community and challenges, analysis to draw insights, ideation among its team of engineers and inventors, and the deployment of its product which goes through another cycle of tests and accelerated prototyping. Among the few socially-driven companies in Southern India, they believe they can provide solutions that benefit the environment and local residents directly, and by leveraging its relationship with local organizations and the government, the company is able to find relevant applications to citizens and improving their overall comfort in life.

Projects with social impact currently going on

  • Solar energy
  • Eco tourism
  • Innovation education
  • Waste management
  • Employment generation
  • Women empowerment

Successful Prototypes – Green technology

Developed a water purifier that can filter polluted water with RO technology using solar energy. Through scale up, this technology can be used to address the drinking water scarcity.

Developed a prototype machine that can convert food waste into organic manure within 24hrs. This manure thus produced helps organic farming in farms.

Developed a prototype solar boat for fishing and transportation in Kerala Rivers, canals and lakes. This solar boat will be an answer to replace the current boats which use petrol, diesel or kerosene motors, thus avoiding of water pollution and improves fish breeding.

Developed solar Bamboo LED lights to promote Bamboo as engineering material. This reduces the use of plastics.

Developed electric powered bikes, scooters and cycles. Non – polluting two wheelers that can be affordable by school and college going students

Key officials of ENGEN

1. Thomas Chennikara – USA
2. Shyam Kumar – India

IISAC's UN SDGs Consultants in Technological Innovations

1. Engr. Antony Prince
2. Engr. Alex Koshy
3. Engr. Shyam Kumar
4. Engr. Thomas Chennikara
5. Engr. Thomas Mottackal

For additional information contact iisac.nonprofit@gmail.com